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Research experience, technical background, other internships, courses, lab work, techniques exposed to and past lab experience (please restrict your response to 1000 words)
Research interests, possible project ideas and what you hope to gain from this experience (please restrict your response to 1000 words.)

References Requirements:

One of the referees should be your teacher/tutor. In case you have completed a training/internship in any lab, a reference from your supervisor there would be preferred. The references should be provided on the official letter-heads of the referees.

Recommendation letters can be sent along with the application form or if referees wish to give a sealed one, they may send it directly to bose@indousstf.org with Applicant’s full name in the subject line. Hard copies are not required.

Reference #1
Reference #2
No Objection Certificate


The "No Objection Certificate" should be signed and stamped from parent institution—this should be given on the official letter-head of the parent institution/organization in the following format:



It is certified that Mr. / Ms……………………….. bonafide B.Tech./ M.Tech./ M.Sc. student is a first/ second rank holder of the …………… (name of the department/institute/ 

organization), and the institution endorses him/her for the S. N. Bose Scholars Program.This is to also certify that this institution has no objection to the consideration of application 

for S.N. Bose Scholars Program from the above student to undertake a research internship for the duration of 10 weeks at a U.S. university affiliated with the S.N. Bose Scholars Program.


 Place & date:   _________________________________________               


 Head of Institution/Organization:__________________________________________________________

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