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Application question regarding middle name

What do I do if I have no middle name? Please write "None" in the area provided.

What is the relative importance on the different parts of the application?

High importance should be given to writing of the Statement of Purpose. Emphasis should be given on what are your research interests and what kind of work you would like to pursue. Prior research experience and previous internships are valued highly.

Should we contact the professor before applying?

You can choose to but it is not required. Prior contact is not used for the selection process. After being selected for the program, you can to contact the professor.

Will we be able to get projects of our choice?

Yes. Once selected, you will be guided to find a lab suitable for you and your research interests.

Are all professors at a any university under the program?

Yes. All professors are allowed to take an intern under them. But it depends on the professor if he/she chooses to.

What will be expected of you during the internship if selected?

Excellence. Dedication. High motivation. Hard work. An open mind which is eager to learn from others.

Can I only apply to professors at departments or will I be allowed to contact faculty at different research centers?

Through the program, you can not only apply to intern under a professor but also any scientist or researcher at any lab/center of the university.

What are the steps to follow if my department does not release department ranks?

You can usually approach the academic section of your institute and try to obtain a letter stating your department rank.



Please try not to put emphasis on “internship” during the visa interview and rather put emphasis on “summer project”.


What if the first 'n' department ranked students apply for a different opportunity, can we apply if we are the 'n+1' th ranked student?

Feel free to apply.
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